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This is rocz

Rocz was founded by Manuel in 2020. As a passionate football player, it is important to him to give everything every weekend to win. However, this only works if you feel comfortable on the pitch and have the perfect equipment available. Since there was unfortunately no shin protector on the market that met his requirements, he started to develop the revolution!

Never again pizza boxes or cut insoles again as a shin legiser!
our mission

Our mission is to do everything you can to get the maximum out of yourself. In every sport there is equipment that prevents you from calling up your best performance. Our goal is to rethink all of this products so that they fit perfectly with your needs.

To the start -up story

Team Rocz


Manuel is the founder of Rocz.
He is a passionate football player himself, always gives 100% on the weekend and also has the most innovative ideas.


Makes the best breakfast in the world and ensures that everything has its order.


The technician in the Rocz team!
Constructs the dear long day and has a solution for every technical problem.


Is responsible for the bugs in the online shop and takes care of the entire online presence such as social media.